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Founded in order to meet the requirements of our own family and to help reduce their dependence on combusted cannabis, our products are designed to meet both our own needs and those of the ones we love. As habitual cannabis users, we found our heavy consumption of the combusted material drove us to find a cleaner alternative by which to enjoy the benefits cannabis has to offer. Coming from generations of cannasseurs, we formulate products that can satisfy their high-end tastes. As a family of cannasseurs with high tolerance, we could not find a consistently potent product that met our requirements or expectations, therefore, we developed a vape cartridges that has become the strongest on the market. We are constantly improving our products, striving to meet the standard of excellence expected by both our family and consumers alike. Our quest to produce only the finest quality cannabis vapes drives us towards both madness and success; encouraging our constant developments and numerous late nights. Our quest? To develop and produce the greatest cannabis cartridges in the world.

We have spent the last three years researching in an effort to create exquisite portable vaporizing options that meet our quality standards.

Scientific evidence is currently being produced citing the concerning effects of certain ingredients utilized in vaporizing, especially MCT, VG and PG, this is the reason our ingredients list is kept to a minimum. The first step to ensuring that our products are safe for our consumers is to include only high-quality, premium ingredients in our recipe. The technology we use to dose our products is extremely precise and is constantly updated alongside pharmaceutical industry standards.

We are conscious of the environmental impact of our cartridges and are committed to improving and innovating for a superior vaping experience with minimal environmental repercussions.

High Tops strive to be a breath of fresh air in today’s market. Unfortunately, both the cannabis and vaping industries continue to be hampered by misinformation. Disreputable operators and private enterprisers operate unethically and High Tops are here to challenge that norm. We have a policy of honesty and transparency and ask that you communicate with us directly if you have any questions or wish to learn more about our products. We are very enthusiastic about our work and would love to help educate on both our products and acceptable vaping standards.

The cannabis industry is currently undergoing a renaissance in terms of both innovation and research. Although it may seem overwhelming, sometimes even frightening, we believe that this is an opportunity for education, clarity and refinement. Using exclusively ethically-sourced materials and ingredients, we at High Tops constantly audit our suppliers and pay premium prices, ensuring we are obtaining and utilizing only the highest quality materials and ingredients on the market.

We are currently in the process of obtaining licensed production facilities in both Canada and California.


At ~87% THC, the High Tops vaping cartridges are made with premium THC distillate. High Tops are the finest cannabis cartridges on the market today. High Tops produce convenient, discreet, portable cartridges filled with the highest quality distillate and natural terpene flavours. With no lingering smells, instant highs and intense, clean flavours, our cartridges are formulated with user experience in mind. With no harshness upon inhalation and the purest cannabis flavours available, the terps will tickle your nostrils upon exhale; High Tops cartridges are a host unto themselves, delivering intense flavour without cottonmouth. With only a few puffs, the effects are already noticeable, a few more and the potency is apparent. Offering substantial relief from stress, pains and worries, High Tops cartridges are a Godsend to those in need.

Manufactured using wickless ceramic cartridges, High Tops cartridges will not burn and will maximize the flavour experience of users. Dependable, leak-free and made using medical-grade materials, the hardware used is engineered specifically with thicker distillates and flavour intensity in mind, ensuring that consumers can experience the true purity and delight that our formula offers them.

Our Products

High Tops’ proprietary blend of THC distillate and terpenes in each product will result in a more effective and guided experience and entourage effect.

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